• A canyon calls you:

    Waimea Canyon, Grand Canyon of the Pacific

  • Welcoming your return:

    Puamohala Kaholokula, Emalani Festival 2013

  • Forever changing perspectives:

    Kalalau Valley

  • Always waiting, a cozy museum:

    Kōke‘e Natural History Museum

  • Forest voices for you alone:

    Elepaio, a native flycatcher

  • In joyful poise:

    Wailana Kuapahi & ‘Ohana at Emalani Festival 2009

  • A sacred forest sings:

    Mesic forest - The Nature Trail

  • Mountains that spill forth life:

    Waipo‘o Falls

  • A forest that needs you:

    Volunteer Takeo Isoshima

  • Holding stories from the past:

    U.S. Army 443rd Batallion at Old C.C.C. Camp

  • HGEA Volunteers

Currently in Koke`e, Hawai`i:

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